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Let's start everything with some awesome statistics from Indonesia's E-commerce Forecast:

Now what do all these pieces of information mean to you? Unless you've been living under the rock, you have no desire whatsoever to grow your business and earn more profits, or you prefer to allow your competitors to beat you, You Have to Market Your Business in the Internet. The market is right there waiting! To make it even sweeter, your potential customers aren't limited to Indonesian. Today it's so much easier to grow your business globally!

We have logged several hours in search engine optimisation

In fact, we've been around for 8 years, so you can definitely rest on the fact that we know what we're doing.

We don't settle for anything less

Call us whatever you want, but we're just obsessed about helping our clients. Here's why: we've been in your position before. We understand that SEO doesn't happen overnight. Worse, we made a lot of mistakes along the way, so they pushed us back further. But we didn't back down and learned. From these lessons, we are able to help out companies, from the smallest to the biggest that are now going through what we did.

We always keep ourselves abreast on the changes

We no longer go for article directories and directories simply because they don't really work anymore. In the meantime, we strengthen our social media and network presence because these days engagement is now a very crucial part to your overall SEO campaign. We update ourselves with the fast changes happening in the industry, and we make sure our strategies reflect on what's considered relevant and effective over a certain period of time. Since SEO is dynamic, your strategies should be as well.

We are all professionals

By that, we mean we collaborate, talk to you about important decisions, brainstorm or share ideas, create goals, devise plans, implement what has been planned, monitor, and make the necessary adjustments. We provide timely reports showcasing all the data you need, without any hint of sugarcoating. Most of all, since every minute that you're not seen or at the top means losses. We implement SEO with a sense of timeliness or urgency but with a very high degree of integrity and accuracy.

Commitment and Guarantee

We at Jago SEO are so confident in what we do that we are so explicit with our guarantee: achieve the target we define within 6 months or get Free SEO Services until we do achieve them. For you, it's surely a win-win, so what are you waiting for?

Please don't come to us if:

  • You believe in content mills and link farms.
  • You want results within 24 hours.
  • You don't appreciate the importance of branding.
  • You force us to use black hat techniques.

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Communication responsiveness + to accommodate the needs in accordance with our segment + techniques targeted = Jago SEO & results: " The phone rang continuously "

-Hendra : PT. Mulia Safety Indonesia

Testimonials LASKAR UI ( UI guaranteed admissions program and tutoring teachers come home ) - Jago SEO third best advisor after my dad and uncle : D - Maximum service and very satisfying - Right Strategy and target - Transparency and trustworthy ! - Steady was anyway ! - Good Job jago seo

-Fitria Afriliani : CEO Laskar UI