About Jago SEO
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At first glance, Jago SEO may appear like a run-of-the-mill search engine optimisation company: we offer link building services and SEO packages, and we are composed of an elite team of professional and highly experienced SEO specialists and Internet marketers. But we’re definitely way beyond that.


No-nonsense consultation: Many of our clients like us simply because we make sure that we’re honest even at the start of the process. We provide blunt and fair free consultation, and we cover as many things as we can so you can get a much better picture of the health of your website, your position against your competition and in the Internet, and what our team can do for you. We can sometimes be brutally honest, but we believe you appreciate it more than sugarcoating that doesn’t really get you anywhere.

On-time reporting: Do we send reports every day? No, we don’t. After all, you cannot expect big-impact changes within 24 hours. However, rest assured that we provide reports on a regular basis, and all our contact details are available for you so you can reach and talk to us at any time. All of us are tied not only to our workstations but also to our mobile devices, so we are always on guard for any notifications, concerns, and questions from our clients.

Clear planning and performance feedback: Everything should always begin with a plan even if your website has been around for years. Each campaign turns therefore starts with goal setting. We want to hear your vision, and we provide you with technical suggestions. These plans are not grand, since we don’t promise hype. Instead, they are doable and measurable.

Speaking of measurability, a huge and critical part of our reporting process is the analysis of data that we obtain from various tools, including but not limited to analytics software. We just don’t publish the figures and data as is we get to the bottom of them. This way, you understand more about market segments, the effects of SEO in your website, position in the niche, etc. The report should also include recommendations, such as whether it’s time to shift to another technique or diversify our strategy.

Technical support: Got questions about SEO? Fire away! We don’t feel any threatened with the idea you might build your own SEO company very soon. Besides, we believe in the power of collaboration, and to make it effective, you also need to understand and even appreciate SEO.


Our commitment to our clients is so strong we don’t give you “maybe’s” or chances. We offer guarantees. We’ve seen how our methods work in all our clients, after all. In fact, we are extremely confident we can meet the goals, follow our plans, and let you reach the best position in search engine we offer you this amazing guarantee: work with us for six months. If you’re not satisfied or we’re not able to fulfill our commitment, you can get the rest of our services for free until we both achieve our objectives.