6 Tips to Enhance Rankings of Wordpress Site

There are a lot of reasons to use WordPress. First it has plenty of plug-ins that make Internet marketing or blogging such a breeze. Second it is search engine friendly. Moreover, it offers a wide variety of themes and widgets to make your pages appear more presentable. With WordPress, even if you do not know a lot about website design, you will still feel like a pro.

You can also follow the many tips on how to boost your WordPress site rankings:

1. Get your own hosting. If you want to use WordPress for free, you register to http://www.wordpress.com. It is such a fun and very useful content management system to use. But there are some issues. First it gives you a small space for all your files. Also, you cannot carry any kind of ad. Third, it does not give you a lot of control.

If you are setting up WordPress as a professional blogger, Internet marketer, or website owner, then you should invest on a good domain and web host. A very good example is Bluehost, which includes Fantastico Deluxe. It allows for a very easy transition from free to paid WordPress hosting.

2. Don’t overload your webpage with plug-ins. Keep in mind that plug-ins also take up some space. Unless they are incredibly important, don’t download or use them. You should also watch out for suspicious plug-ins. You may never know it but you’ve actually just downloaded malware into your system.

3. Opt for CSS. CSS is the best way to go when designing your web pages. You can host it externally so it doesn’t take a long time for the pages to load. It also doesn’t eat up the space WordPress has just allotted for you. Experts suggest, though, that if you’re using several CSS files, it’s best if you can combine them all together so they’ll load a lot faster.

4. Add the right keywords. When you’re writing your content, make sure that you can include keywords in the title, description, and captions of your photos. By using the correct keywords, you enhance not only your online presence in search engines but also your prominence within WordPress community. Other WordPress bloggers will be able to find you.

5. Install All-in-One SEO Pack. Today you can find many WordPress plug-ins that deal with optimization, but the best among them is All-in-one SEO Pack. As its name suggests, almost everything you’re looking for in SEO is already found in here. You can create titles, descriptions, and meta tags. It also determines the efficiency of the keywords used.

6. Measure your speed. Speed matters more than ever these days. It’s one of the factors considered by Google in determining your ranking. When you want to know the loading time of your site, you can use tools such as Page Speed or YSlow. The first one even tells you some ideas on how to further improve your download speed.

By following the above-mentioned recommendations, you’ll fear Google updates less.