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Pay Per Click Advertising Australia

Okay, you’ve already chosen search engine optimisation. Why should you opt for PPC (pay per click) campaign too? PPC offers a wide range of benefits, one of which is immediate increase of traffic. In fact, according to, around 65 percent of the clicks for your landing page are derived from PPC. That means only 36 percent can be attributed to organic (or non-paid SEO).

In other words, PPC can be one of the effective ways to boost your conversion rate—that is, transform your potential Internet leads into committed customers. However, without proper planning, implementation, and tracking, it will only prove to be a futile, ineffective, and money-wasting online marketing campaign. You can lose hundreds to thousands of dollars for nothing.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to PPC, Jago SEO is the company to beat:

We have 5 years’ experience in PPC. As they say, experience is the best teacher, and boy we’ve learned a lot the many years we’ve been in the business, offering the service. You are therefore guaranteed that our tactics are already foolproof and are sure efficient for your business.

We provide reasonably priced service. We are not the cheapest in the industry because we don’t provide any mediocre service. Ours is top quality, though we also believe you don’t have to break the bank for it. We know how it feels to be a startup. We are therefore paying it forward by giving you rates, packages, and payment options that are convenient to you. Plus, we offer FREE website analysis and initial report.

We can handle multiple accounts. We really don’t recommend our clients to run multiple campaigns simultaneously as some of them are surely going to suffer. But that doesn’t mean we cannot do it. You can just go back to point 1.

We are professionals. By that, we mean we hold legitimate certifications for Google Adwords. We also make sure that we keep ourselves updated on the trends and changes in the industry and to make the necessary campaign adjustments. We provide you with clear, concise, and on-time reports. You can use the data to make reliable decisions for your business, in general, and PPC, in particular.


Account manager

Jago SEO will provide your very own login account where you can keep track of all your PPC campaigns and accounts. You can check it anytime and anywhere. This is how we promote transparency and collaboration. As an added premium service, you can opt to have your own dedicated specialist to help manage all your accounts today as well as in the future.

Keyword research and analysis

You can never do PPC without keywords, but it’s also bound to fail if you pick the wrong ones. The research and analyses process may take around 24 to 48 hours, but you’re assured these are the best keywords to use for the campaign. They are the ones that drive the right leads to your promoted pages.

Optimisation of ads

Not everyone can do PPC effectively because not everyone can create highly effective ads. Considering the limited number of words, you need a true-blue PPC ad writer who can craft persuasive ads in the least number of words and who can include keywords for optimisation.

Selection of channels

Today you can already publish ads across a variety of networks, from search engines to video channels, e-mail platforms, and certain listings. Nevertheless, since the goal is getting the best return for your money, we carefully choose the most appropriate channels, based on certain criteria such as demographics and geographical locations of your target market.

Tracking of conversions

PPC doesn’t end once the ads are already published. More than anything else, they have to be tracked, especially since your own money is on the line. Our leading specialists will determine the health of your PPC campaign, find out keywords or tactics that generate poor results, modify or eliminate them, and constantly improve strategies. Unlike SEO, the goal isn’t to be first place but to generate buzz from Internet users, increase click-through rate, and enhance conversion.


Do you like to publish your ads in certain countries only? We can do that through geo-targeting.

Optimisation of landing page

Landing pages play a very huge role in the entire PPC campaign since Internet users are then redirected to this page right after clicking the ad. It should persuade your leads therefore to sign up for a mailing list or get through the lead generation and nurturing process. Jago SEO helps optimise landing pages through compelling content creation and multiple landing page tests.


We don’t give away contracts to our clients, though our packages and thus your fees are good for a period of several months. Should you be satisfied with our service and use us indefinitely, we can then act as your agent for ALL your PPC campaigns

PPC reporting

We provide timely PPC reports that include comprehensive pay-per-click analyses and recommendations to further improve your campaigns. The reports will be sent straight to your e-mail. We will also notify you once the report is ready, so you can check it as soon as possible.

Technical support

You can send us your concerns and questions through our e-mails. Our customer care staffs are just as trained and knowledgeable with regards to SEO and PPC. Rest assured you’ll get prompt and satisfying reply from us.

With us, PPC can just be one of the easiest ways to enhance your online presence without spending an arm and a leg. Call us now.